Carl Andrew Bradbrook


My Official Bio

Carl was made in England and left when he was 24. He worked in the financial markets in trading rooms for 10 years in London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney Australia. He left the corporate world and embarked on a journey of self discovery and personal development.

He is a relentless seeker of the wisdom and has participated in just about every form of personal development modality available, from Ayahuasca journeys in South America, meditation reatreats in Asia and more Western style processes and techniques than you can point a stick at.

Among other things he is a Master Practitioner of NLP , Time Line Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis. He has produced a variety of personal development products, recorded a number of audio books and is currently teaching people how to communicate more effectively with their Higher Self and Unconscious Minds and become more of who they really are.


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